About Country Classic Cars

A Family run business, Father, Sons and Daughter.

A Classic Car Servicing, Restoration & Sales business in   Midhurst, West Sussex


About Country Classic Cars – A Classic Car Servicing, Restoration & Sales business located in Midhurst, West Sussex, but also servicing Surrey and Hampshire. Country Classic Cars are a family business, Father, Sons and Daughter. Our passion for the business is fuelled and handed down from my late father’s love of racing Lagonda’s and his brother Norton Dominators.

About Country Classic Cars - A Classic Car Servicing, Restoration & Sales business in Midhurst, West SussexThis passion was inbred within our family from an early age and indeed father like son has become the norm for our way of life. From the age of 18 years I was a member of the Southern Car Club and entered Mini Cooper S cars for Group B Rallying around the UK competing against the greats of Paddy Hopkirk fame to name but a few. This progressed onto Saloon Car Racing, Ford Cosworths and eventually BMW M cars. Therefore it is of no surprise that my children have a passion for cars and motorsport.

We currently hold over 70 years of motor vehicle experience within our family be that of motorsport, sports cars, classic cars and motorbikes. This experience cumulates servicing, repair, restoration, sales and the all important customer care after service.  Classic Cars, many of which were hand built bearing the makers name are of a bygone age. They represent a time when manufactures built cars to suit client’s exact requirements resulting in a vehicle of individuality, quality, beauty and style which commands a presence on our roads today.


  • Family business run more as a ‘hobby’ rather than for commercial benefit. We are passionate about our work taking great pride to achieve the ultimate end result which speaks for itself: Perfection.
  • Our experience of Classic Cars is far reaching being able to advise on the majority of most subject matters be that valuations, vehicle specifications, best investments, running costs and pure enjoyment of ownership.
  • The door is open to everyone be that for sales, service, restoration or to call in and share their classic car stories.
  • We offer extremely competitive labour rates but provide a very high level of work and service to achieve customer satisfaction.


  • Many thanks for the work carried out on my MX5. Excellent work very pleased. Now wish for you to carry out work on my Jaguar.Brian Corner - MX5
  • Very pleased with the work carried out on the E-Type. Shall ask you to do the manifold and fit a 5 speed gearbox during the winter.Douglas Rotberg - Jaguar V12 E-Type
  • Great work thank you shall be bringing the car back for more items to be completed.Roger Felbridge - Mercedes SL320
  • Paul I had a very enjoyable journey home in the Lotus thank you with no problems at all. Very pleasedIan Mitchell - Lotus Excel
  • Paul my wife and I are delighted with the car thank you very muchClive Boyle - Jaguar XJ-S 4.0l
  • Excellent purchase and service thank youDavid Lane - Mercedes 200T
  • Very pleased with the car and the attention to detail and service offered thank youPhil Best - Caterham R400 SV
  • Excellent purchase, very pleased thank you. WonderfulPhilip Rhodes - Mercedes CLK200
  • Excellent service and extremely pleased with the car.Ian Skinner - Caterham Roadsport
  • Wonderful car, extremely pleased.Deryn Keyntern - Peugeot 207 GT
  • One of the best that I have seen. Excellent and very satisfied thank you. Highly recommendedDouglas Wright - Mercedes SE 300
  • What a wonderful car, so very pleased with everything.Blaise Bellville - Mercedes 300E
  • Great car and great service thank youMark Norris - Mercedes 280CE
  • Sorted the problems with the fuel tank and drive shafts. Great service thank youTom Hunt - Datsun 240Z
  • Thank you for sorting out all the problems and getting the car road worthy again. Excellent service.Tom Carey - Lotus Elan Plus 2
  • Many thanks now running better than it has ever done.Andy Eade - Caterham 7
  • Thank you Paul for your prompt attention to my flooded car.Philip Rhodes - Bentley Turbo



A classic car or motorcycle can prove to be a wise purchase, apart from offering the owner all of the above it really is a viable alternative to investments.

An article that was written in the Telegraph February 2012 quoted: Last year classic car prices not only beat returns on equities, but managed to outperform gold as well.

Classic cars – a viable alternative investment?

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